2013, Coal Production up to 5 Percent.

Chairman of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI) Bob Kamandanu, predict that coal production in Indonesia will increase in 2013. Association is targeting production will reach 360-370 million tons next year. "We believe conditions have started to improve, production will rise about 5 percent," Bob said when he was contacted by Tempo, Sunday, October 28, 2012.


In 2012, the Indonesian coal production only reached 340-350 million tons. This amount is below the estimate of employers are predicting coal production will reach 360-370 million tons this year. Government's own target of national coal production in 2013 reached 366.04 million tons, up 10.25 percent of the government's projection of 322 million tonnes this year. This projection is above the average growth of world coal production by 2 percent per year. "We have to consider. Problem is, the House asked us to increase revenues," said Director General of Mineral and Coal Thamrin Sihite when contacted separately. In 2013, the government expects to increase production, although domestic demand obligations (domestic market obligation / DMO) down. Next year, coal DMO specified only 74.32 million tonnes or 20.3 per cent of the national production. This is down from the 2012 demand of 82.07 million tonnes or 24.72 percent of the national production. This decrease, said Thamrin, based on the real needs of the country figures. "In 2012, there are plans of PLN power plant that has not been the way," said Thamrin. Coal Division Head PT PLN Helmi Najamuddin admits his company has not been able to absorb all the available coal for domestic needs. In January to September 2012, the use of coal for PLN and private power new 38.1 million tons or 70.5 percent of the original plan. Thamrin estimated realization of the use of coal in the country this year about 70 million tonnes.

(source : www.tempo.co.id, 29 October 2012)